What Monitor Specs Are Important For Photo Editing?

What Monitor Specs Are Important For Photo Editing

In this modern tech era, realistic and stunning pictures simply don’t rely on professional cameras. The best output depends on a color-accurate and best monitor for photo editing because everyone loves blooming colors and realistic (real-life) scenes in their pictures.  …

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What is AMD FreeSync And How Does It Work?

What is AMD Freesync

For most OLED and LCDs displays, AMD FreeSync is the technology with adaptive synchronization that also has a supportive approach for VRR (variable refresh rate). AMD FreeSync is a robust technology that works best for keeping up the smoothness in …

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Is 144Hz Worth It For Gaming?

is 144hz worth it for gaming

Higher refresh rate such as 144Hz features the fastest response with smooth output. In order to play competitive first-person shooter games and watch videos or movies, 144Hz is a completely worthy set up.   Games like PUBG, Battlefield, Overwatch, Fortnite etc. …

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What Is Screen Tearing And How Do You Fix It?

screen tearing and its solution

In display screens and monitors, screen tearing is the visual artifact that causes the breakage in a picture frame resulting in two or multiple frames in a single picture or frame. Usually the picture appears in split form that ultimately …

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Is 1440p Monitor Worth It For Gaming?

Is 1440p Monitor Worth It For Gaming

Whether or not 1440p is worthy depends on the type of its user. If you play competitive games with high-end performance, 1440p resolutions are all that you need. Within a moderate budget, a competitive game player has the best option …

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What Does Monitor Response Time Mean?

What does monitor response time mean

Response time of a monitor is the time in which the pixel shifts its color from one state to another. Actually, the response time has everything to deal with the color and the pixel coloration shift. That is the reason …

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