Best Monitors For Stock Trading In 2021 [Expert Recommendations]

Last Updated on September 28, 2021

Trading is a demanding field. It requires you to sit in front of screens for hours at a time. When you are a newbie, you might find working on smaller screens like laptops, tablets or smartphones is easy. But once you enter the competitive phase, you will need a quality trading monitor for a smooth and tireless experience. 

We all know that not all monitors are created the same and not every monitor works the same for everybody. For a trader, a proper display is crucial. Constantly straining your eyes to read the fuzzy charts and texts can cause health problems. So you need one of the best monitors for trading to make it big in the trading world.

We have already done the heavy lifting for you and shortlisted some of the best monitors for trading for you to choose from. In this article, you will find a brief account of what makes a monitor great for trading along with a detailed rundown of the shortlisted monitors.


1. Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 LED Monitor

best monitors for trading

What recent buyers report

Recent buyers of Dell UltraSharp U2415 report that it is an excellent monitor for trading purposes. They like the truly immersive display with trustworthy colors and a large screen real estate. Also, the control buttons are touch operated which users love very much. 

Why it stands out to us

This unit has so much to offer. Slim design and a small footprint allow it to fit on the smallest desktop easily. The sleek design with minimal finishing gives it a modern corporate appearance. It is equipped with an IPS panel topped with a matte finished glass. Combined, these offer brilliant color support and prevent glare. Moreover, it is claimed to be pixel perfect so even if you find a single pixel malfunctioning, you can have it replaced under the Premium Panel Guarantee. 

  • Finished with an anti-glare coating.
  • Offers complete ergonomic flexibility.
  • Stand is sturdy with a small footprint.
  • Crafted using eco-friendly materials.
  • Equipped with a security lock slot.
  • Brightness could have been better.
  • Cannot auto-detect input devices.

Bottom Line

This is one of the best monitors for trading with its attractive and aesthetic design. It has the potential of competing with expensive units for its amazing text clarity and accurate colors. These are the features that truly make it a business monitor.

2. ASUS PB278Q 27” WQHD Monitor

best monitors for stock trading

What recent buyers report

Traders who have recently invested in this ASUS model are very impressed by its quality. They report that it looks good, produces clear and crisp pictures and text, the colors pop, and offers a truly enjoyable visual experience. The fully adjustable stand serves as a cherry on the top. 

Why it stands out to us

This monitor is a complete package of features and looks. It has a somewhat thicker body that is unique to ASUS models. The Plane to Line Switching (PLS) panel delivers very good color quality and wide viewing angles. It offers a variety of connectivity ports including an audio input and earphone jack. It also comes with all the cables except of course the earphones. 

  • Great picture and color quality.
  • Hosts a number of connectivity options.
  • It offers great ergonomics.
  • Pixel response time is very good.
  • Comes with an integrated speaker
  • Menu controls are not the best.
  • Lacks USB ports.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a monitor that offers great all rounder performance then this is the right choice. It offers quality image output for a reasonably priced monitor. It has all the bells and whistles of a good monitor for gamers, traders, content creates, and business users.

3. Dell UltraSharp U2414H LED Monitor

best trading monitors

What recent buyers report

Buyers who have recently purchased and used this monitor have labeled it a beast monitor. They report that it is easy to set up as it can automatically detect input devices. It offers excellent picture quality and mounts on a sturdy adjustable stand. The USB charging port is also an attractive feature for many buyers. 

Why it stands out to us

This is a sharp looking monitor. Encased in a glossy,  piano-black cabinet, nearly non-existent bezels, and a large visual field. It mounts on a stylish silver stand that offers tilting ergonomics but lacks other adjustments. It produces rich colors, dark blacks, and every shade of gray. The matte, edge, the screen is a major plus point of this monitor as it gives you more space to analyze the current market situations. 

  • Energy Star certified monitor.
  • Very good color and grayscale performance.
  • Offers a good selection of connectivity ports.
  • Sleek design with very thin bezels.
  • Equipped with a USB charging port.
  • Lacks DVI and VGA ports.
  • No advanced color settings.

Bottom Line

If you are considering a multiple monitor setup for your trading requirements, then this is the perfect monitor for doing so. It has the world’s thinnest bezels so they won’t be a distraction. Great image and text output with sharp and accurate colors certainly qualify it as a quality business monitor.

4. ASUS ProArt PA329C Monitor

Asus ProArt PA328Q

What recent buyers report

People who have recently invested in this unit found it to be quite accurate. They say that it offers a really enjoyable viewing experience with its big screen size, good image quality, and accurate color reproduction. Users comment that it has hard to beat the performance for the price point.

Why it stands out to us

This monitor is designed for professionals who demand extreme performance and great image details. The 4K resolution IPS panel is housed inside a matte-black cabinet and topped with anti-glare treated glass. It has thin bezels which further enhance the viewing field of the already big 32 inches display. It offers both basic and advanced image settings and comes with seven picture presets to facilitate its users.

  • Features a sleek design with very thin bezels.
  • Pre-calibrated display for good image output.
  • Treated with a matte finish.
  • Equipped with ASUS eye-care technology.
  • Large 32 inches display.
  • Stand is big and bulky.
  • It lies on the costlier side of the price spectrum.

Bottom Line

ASUS ProArt PA328Q is a top-performing 32 inches UHD monitor which certainly makes it a high ranker in our list of the best monitors for trading. It is jam-packed with tons of amazing features including multiple input options, preprogrammed picture modes, and an ergonomic stand. If the price is not an issue, then you should definitely consider this one for yourself.

5. Dell P Series P2719H LED-Lit Monitor

Dell P Series P2719H LED-Lit Monitor

What recent buyers report

Buyers are extremely satisfied with the performance of this monitor. They say that the monitor is lightweight, easy to assemble, and fairly easy to manipulate in terms of orientation. It offers wonderful clarity and is simply one of the best flat-screen monitors. 

Why it stands out to us

This monitor offers a lot of screen real estate for trading personnel. The IPS panel offers excellent colors and wide viewing angles which classify it as a trading monitor. It offers a sharp and clear output in great detail which enables you to analyze your trading charts and indexes easily. The variety of connectivity options and flexible ergonomics make it a great option for you to consider.

  • Supports tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment ergonomics.
  • Offers a good input port selection.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • The OSD menu is well-populated.
  • The optimal size for desktop computing.
  • Color uniformity is inconsistent.
  • The size resolution is low.

Bottom Line

This Dell machine is a fully capable unit that is moderately priced and equipped with a big screen. It delivers good picture quality with trustworthy colors. It also offers plentiful input connectivity ports with very flexible ergonomics making it one of the best monitors for trading.

6. ViewSonic VX3276-MHD Frameless IPS Monitor

ViewSonic VX3276-MHD Frameless IPS Monitor

What recent buyers report

Corporate workers who have purchased and used this monitor are in love with it. They say that the monitor is very sleek and stylish and does not take up too much space on their desktops. It delivers incredible visuals and the ability to switch between different resolutions certainly increased its value in the eyes of recent customers. 

Why it stands out to us

This is an excellent full-sized monitor. It stands out to us for its split screen functionality. By downloading the ViewSonic software, you can split the screen to display a number of different windows. This is an ideal feature of a business monitor as you can easily keep an eye on various markets and indexes with a single monitor. It eliminates the need to install a multiple monitor setup. 

  • Features a sleek and stylish slim bezel design.
  • Equipped with flicker-free technology and integrated blue light filter.
  • Contains dual integrated speakers.
  • Delivers excellent color and grayscale performance.
  • Comes at a price that is hard to beat.
  • Does not offer a lot of ergonomics.
  • Audio quality is not great.

Bottom Line

This is a thin, sleek, and stylish model from ViewSonic. Its installation is a plug and play process. The build quality is great. It looks and feels sturdy. However, it does not offer too much ergonomic flexibility which is a shame as otherwise, this is certainly a highly appreciated unit amongst most users.


For trading purposes, you need a monitor that strikes the correct balance between clarity, sharpness, contrast, response, speed and cost amongst other things. Trading with a monitor that lacks any of these can be tiring. You will suffer from serious eye strain which in turn will affect your productivity and decision making. So, act smart and invest in a monitor that adheres to all your trading needs and requirements. Following are some aspects that make a monitor great for trading. 

IPS Panel

We all know that IPS panels offer the best image quality and awesome viewing angles. These are important for trading purposes as you constantly need to check data and indexes so you need a monitor that produces a distinct output that is easily readable from every viewing angle.

Frameless design

Traders often organize a multi-monitor setup. It helps them track and scan multiple markets at the same time for maximizing their efficiency. For these purposes, a monitor with a frameless design and thin bezels is ideal. The frameless design also offers you an increased viewing field.


Having the freedom to adjust height, tilt, pivot, and swivel also makes a monitor great for trading. You can use it any way you want. The flexible ergonomics offer better readability of trading charts and statistics.


QHD monitors are perfect for trading as they allow you to open several windows and screens at the same time so you can keep an eye on various markets with a single display. QHD or 4K resolution monitors are the best for trading, but the truth is that not everyone can afford them. So go for the best that falls within your budget range.

Eye-strain reducing technologies

The latest trading monitor models are equipped with integrated blue light filters and flicker-free technologies. These significantly reduce the tiring eye strain so you can work for long hours without any difficulty.


For becoming a successful trader, you need a quality display that gives you a clear view of the current market situation. The monitor market is flooded with a diverse range of products. You might be tempted to buy cheap budget monitors but let us assure you that to keep the price low, these monitors do compromise on one or more features that are important for trading.

We suggest that you invest in a quality monitor so that your performance does not suffer. Better yet, purchase a unit from our list of best monitors for trading. The possibilities and options are endless. Just be sure to stick to your budget and your desktop space before investing in a shiny monitor or two for yourself.

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